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Concrete Sheds

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LidgetCompton Shed/Workshop

Based on the four basic building shapes (Pent, Apex, Apex 15 and Apex 20), the LidgetCompton Shed/Workshop range has a wide range of sizes to suit any use.

  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • 5 building shapes
  • Concrete construction
  • Delivery and installation included

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Prefab Sectional Concrete Sheds

When looking for a range of strong and Secure Sheds, you’re probably wondering what additional options you can add to a timber shed to make it extra secure. Not many people realize, we offer an alternative solution to a timber shed, when security is a must – step forward our superb range of concrete sheds.

We supply Lidget Compton’s varied selection of concrete sheds and workshops. These buildings provide the perfect space for storing tools, lawn mowers and general garden furniture. All our concrete sheds and workshops come in a wide range of sizes with optional extras such as shelf stacks, extra windows and doors and extra wide doors - ensuring that your concrete shed meets your exact requirements. You can even choose alternative wall and front post finishes such as brick, reclaimed brick and Cotswold stone effect - or one of our attractive textured finishes to match your shed to your own house style.

Not only can you choose from a range of finishes, but you can also have a concrete shed in a choice of roof styles. Including pent roofs, pent mansard roofs, apex roofs and steep pitch apex roofs. A maintenance free package is also available – this upgrades the timber fascia’s to uPVC, the personnel door from standard timber to powder coated galvanized steel and adds guttering.

Just like Lidget Compton’s range of Sectional Concrete Garages - this fantastic range of concrete sheds can be used not only for garden storage but as a hobby room, workshop, playroom or utility room. By adding lining and insulation to your shed, you can create a great storage and activity environment for year-round use.

Like our range of Metal sheds, these units are also ideal as Bike Storage Sheds. With a range of sizes and optional additional security features such as multi-point locking and secure uPVC double glazed window units. You can be rest assured these units are a safe and secure storage shed.



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