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Alton Greenhouses

If you are an aspiring gardener, an Amateur Greenhouse may be for you, or if space is a premium a Traditional Greenhouse would be ideal, but do not forget the ever efficient Lean-To Greenhouses. They are available in both Amateur and Traditional styles and against a warm wall can produce fantastic crop results. The Alton Octagonal range of greenhouses are proving to be very popular as their contemporary style looks great in any garden, whilst producing excellent yields.

Alton's fine reputation in building quality cedar buildings started way back in 1921, when they started the greenhouse boom, the Cedar Amateur greenhouse became Britain's very first greenhouse specially designed for the domestic market.

In the following years Alton has earned itself a reputation for innovative design, robust construction and outstanding durability - making Alton Greenhouses the gardener's choice!

You only have to talk to gardening club members, read the gardening press or watch the television gardening programmes to see what we mean. As part of the ever continuing Alton design and development policy, products have been introduced over the years and brand new ones are on the drawing boards.

Alton have also introduced toughened safety glass as standard, throughout their entire range of buildings, giving you complete piece of mind when working around all that glass, or if children are playing near by.

Nobody has more experience of manufacturing cedar buildings or the needs of discerning gardeners than Alton. It shows in every model in their range, in sensible, practical design ideas, quality materials and really solid construction. Add to that the range of accessories and you will understand why Alton are very proud of their products and how you too can be very proud in owning a quality Alton Building.

Made in only the best Western Red Cedar, Alton Greenhouses are stronger than most aluminium greenhouses, give better heat retention and are far more resistant to wind damage. In addition, all of their Cedar is dipped in a wood preservative to ensure colour consistency.

Alton Ten Year Frame Guarantee

If any part of the Cedar framework rots or decays within TEN YEARS of purchase, Alton will replace it promptly and FREE OF CHARGE. This free guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights (To maintain colour, a yearly application of wood preservative is recommended).

GBC and Alton Greenhouses

GBC Group are the first choice supplier of Cedar Greenhouses in the UK.
GBC are located at some of Britain's most prestigious garden centres from the South Coast to Scotland and display a comprehensive range of fabulous Alton Cedar Greenhouses at most branches.

All branches of the GBC Group display the Alton Amateur.
The Alton Octagonal, the Alton Amateur Lean-to, the Alton Traditional and the Alton Traditional Lean-to can be bought from all of our outlets or on line. Please contact us for the latest offer details.

Each year we sell off all our showmodels and replace them with the latest versions of the Alton Greenhouse range with up to date specifications so you can be sure that we are always clean, tidy and up to date. We put our display models up for sale on July 1st each year for installation during the winter so if you want to be considered as a potential customer for one of these please let us know.

At our GBC display sites we ensure that our Alton Greenhouses are easily accessible along level pathways so less able customers are able to view the products without difficulty.

So its easy to come and see Alton Greenhouses at all GBC group display centres, but that doesn't explain why we sell as many as we do !
There are several reasons : we always have an eye for price and it would be almost impossible to find anyone offering a better combination of price, service and display in the UK.
Just as important, our staff are fully trained to explain the benefits of each Alton Greenhouse : they know the Alton Greenhouse range inside out and back to front ! Prices can vary from under £1000 to over £3000 so it's as well to deal with people who know what they are talking about !
Fantastic displays, knowledgeable friendly staff and open all year round - there's no better place to buy your Alton Greenhouse from than the GBC Group.

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